Just Released A New Funky EP "HOT SHOT"

Hey folks!

It's on! I've finally released a new EP... and this time it's a funky kinda thing ;)

It is called the "Hot Shot" EP and you can download it for free or pay what you want!

The little story behind the "Hot Shot" EP

Initially, I only wanted to make a funky beat for a friend's birthday (beat: Walkin' Large)
...he liked the style and listening to the beat made me happy, too.
I feel this is a good tune to get up in the morning xD

For some reason I had the urge to produce another funky tune as a gift for my brother's birthday (beat: Hot Shot)... I had so much fun creating the song and it was very well received. I still love listening to it when I play some competitive online games with my homies.

As 2 more of my friends were having birthdays, Dan the naughty man and his girl Lina (beats: The Flip, Funky Feelin') plus my little baby niece was about to be born (beat: Who's This Cat?), I had to do more! And that's what made me produce and release this EP. It's made of love for my friends and family... and a lot of samples xD

I did plan to release this thingy on my birthday, (1st of November),
...and I've made it just in time (23:59)... Now I have this 5-track EP with a funky touch
for you to chill on :)

I hope you can dig this unusual experimentation!
Maybe I will edit the beats here and there from time to time, but if so
I will notify you right away, of course :)

Besides working on other projects as always, I haven't settled on something specific to produce for the next release of JMischer... but I have a feelin' that you won't have to wait until next year ;)
So, keep an eye out for new updates on this website, email newsletter and my social pages!

Have a good one

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