New Release: "A Dream Within" EP

Hey folks!

I hope it is not too late to wish you happy holidays ;)

I've just finished this thing and I want to share it with you right away...

It's very chillaxing... and it's FREE TO DOWNLOAD!

Enjoy :)



Hey, Mates. Awesome News!

Yeah... it has been, again, a long time since my last post and I'm sorry for not writing sooner!
Under circumstances I could not find the time and energy to write more often...
Hopefully soon I will have a lot of time on my hand to be more consistent bringing you new content and updates!

A lot has been going on and I want to share some awesome news with you.


I am proud to announce that I appear on the latest album of 

Anno Domini Beats "The Platinum Circle Vol 1"

The Platinum Circle Vol 1

Track 08. JMischer - Pushin' To The Top

Have a listen and tell me what you think down in the comments :)

Shout out to Adrian of Anno Domini Beats who made this opportunity possible and every other producer on the album and in the Platinum Circle group. Let's keep it rollin'!

**Update** Only 2 goals were met :( I guess I have to kick myself into the butt more often!

I am currently working various projects... my to do list looks somewhat like this
  1. Produce 3 beats for the next Platinum Circle album - DONE but I didn't get on it
  2. Make and release a few other tunes - DONE
  3. Finish the summer album for the release next year
  4. Get more beats ready to sell and expand to other beat selling platforms
  5. Produce a 6- track EP I want to release with a label 
  6. Send "Beat Prone Dreams" LP to a distribution service
  7. Launch the resourceful website for music producers I am working on for a whole year now...

Let's see what I can finish before the new year begins :O

Have a good one ;)



 *UPDATE 04/08/2017
   Recently the album got distributed to all major music retailers!
   CLICK HERE to get more information.

...I have finished the instrumental Hip Hop album "Beat Prone Dreams" and I have uploaded it to Bandcamp and Beatstars the moment I was done. Within the next weeks I will upload the album to other platforms and may use a distribution service to get it on iTunes and other music outlets.

I hope you enjoy what I have been working on for so long. :)

Any constructive feedback is very much welcomed!
I think I've messed up here and there a bit, but hey... I can edit them anytime.

I want to thank my family, friends and fans for the constant support and 
thank you all for your patience! You will get more soon ;)

After the project is before the next... so with this post I want to announce an additional EP with 3 tracks that will be released very soon. Another album is planned for the summer as well.
But first... making a few beats ready to sell and getting the first sample packs out!

I am also currently writing an ebook full of resources for other aspiring music producers out there.
But that one has to wait for now. If you have some resources or tips, just let me know, I appreciate any contribution ;)

"No rest for the wicked"

Let's keep it hoppin'!
Have a good one

PS: There is also a new tshirt design with a moon version of my logo in my merch store. Have a look!


Happy New Year Folks

Hey guys!
How are you? I hope you had a great time and a splendid start of the new year!

2016... for me it will be the year to take action and to become more awesome :D

I had big plans for the 1st of January 2016. The Kutt Calhoun remix contest, celebrating christmas and the new year had taken a toll on me... I became too relaxed and unfocused. I have underestimated the work I wanted to get done and after working on those for weeks I now still have the feeling that the album and soundkits aren't quite ready for a release, yet!

So this is how it will look for me in the next few weeks, working on these every day without further distractions!

  1. Getting the album "Beat Prone Dreams" ready for independent digital distribution via Bandcamp, Beatstars and Reverbnation
  2. Finishing the soundkits I have been working on for the upcoming music production company and getting them ready for distribution through a dedicated website, Gumroad and Sellfy

Everything else will be dealt with later! Like starting to sell beats, livestreaming my music production and sound design, making more designs for merchandise, writing a resourceful ebook, educational articles and email courses, signing up with royalty collection societies and distribution services to get my future songs and albums to iTunes, GooglePlay, AmazonMP3, etc and finally expanding my presence to more platforms.

Well, those are the plans for now ;-) and to give you at least something to make up for the delay, take a few minutes to enjoy this track and to think about ...

Stay tuned for more