Liftoff... We Have A Liftoff!! ALBUM IS OUT NOW

Finally... the album is up and ready for your enjoyment!!

"Liftoff" by JMischer

It feels really good to have uploaded the album... it is finally out there!
Free downloads are coming soon via Soundcloud and a download link on my releases page.
Now I have to spread the word and make sure that as many ears as possible can listen
to my creation. Can you help me and share my tunes? Any support is very much appreciated :)

I have already plans for the next album to be released maybe around winter... this one will be different like the ones before... I want to sell the next album on digital stores and as a vinyl record.
It may be a longer road but I've always wanted to have an own album on a vinyl record!
Don't worry you will still get you freebies ;)

But for now, I have other things on my plate like founding a music production company for licensing beats to other artists and companies and creating soundpacks for other producers... there is much I want to do! I have already started all of that but now I need to focus!

Have a nice one guys




Hey folks.

I know it has been quite a while since I have uploaded my remix for the Beatstars - PRhyme remix contest and I haven't been very active on my social sites lately.

Well... I have a reason... I have produced an album that I am just a few hours away from uploading it to soundcloud!!

The album is called "Liftoff" and has something to do with my current situation in life, in terms of searching for a new home and space travel... The album will be available for free ;-)

Within the upcoming weeks I will add download links to the releases!

So for now... check out my previous releases and stay tuned for a new journey to begin!