The Time To Vote Is Now

Hey folks!

How is it goin'? :)

Today Beatstars has opened the doors for everyone to vote DAILY for their favourite remix entry!
If you like my version and have a few minutes, please vote for my remix here


 It would make me very happy ;)

Have a good one


The Kutt Calhoun Remix Contest Entry By JMischer

Hey folks... Happy Holidays!!!! :D

I just want to let you know that I have entered the Kutt Calhoun remix contest on Beatstars!
I am not 100% satisfied with the mix but... it is a busy time and the voting starts soon! (Dec 27th)

I have used some samples from Samplephonics, Loopmasters and Tcustomz drums, SoundPackFlyer (affiliate links)

Have a listen ;)


Should I use some brass or string staccato hits in the hook sections? Maybe the e-guitar could use a bit more equalization in the mid-range to free up the vocals in the hook sections! I get the feeling that they clash together at some parts :-/

The beat in a whole could be a little bit more saturated in the lower end frequencies. Or maybe it just needs more stereo widening... What it also lacks is clarity, I think.

Oh man... maybe it ain't ready yet xD

What do you think? Would you take something out or put more into it? Any feedback is much appreciated :)


Time is running... "CREEPS ON THE MOVE" Halloween EP

... and I am still getting everything together for my music production company.
I've set myself the goal to launch it 1/1/2016 simultaneously with the release of
my upcoming dreamy boom bap album.

While finally uploading all the videos of my album "Liftoff" to Youtube, finishing the next album, producing content and writing a business plan I am constantly making new beats every week... Now I have new material I can make 2 more albums with or I will sell them to other artists...
I haven't decided yet ;)

I have released a little creepy ep on the halloween weekend. I wish I could have shared it sooner here, but I got a bit distracted... celebrating my birthday :P

Anyway, check it out and enjoy!

"Creeps On The Move"


Any feedback is much appreciated!

Have a nice one



"Sparks" by JMischer

Alright, folks!

I guess it's way overdue to do this...
I've just uploaded "Sparks", the first song of my album "Liftoff", to my Youtube channel!

More uploads are coming soon.

Enjoy ;)

Tell me what you think! :)


Liftoff... We Have A Liftoff!! ALBUM IS OUT NOW

Finally... the album is up and ready for your enjoyment!!

"Liftoff" by JMischer

It feels really good to have uploaded the album... it is finally out there!
Free downloads are coming soon via Soundcloud and a download link on my releases page.
Now I have to spread the word and make sure that as many ears as possible can listen
to my creation. Can you help me and share my tunes? Any support is very much appreciated :)

I have already plans for the next album to be released maybe around winter... this one will be different like the ones before... I want to sell the next album on digital stores and as a vinyl record.
It may be a longer road but I've always wanted to have an own album on a vinyl record!
Don't worry you will still get you freebies ;)

But for now, I have other things on my plate like founding a music production company for licensing beats to other artists and companies and creating soundpacks for other producers... there is much I want to do! I have already started all of that but now I need to focus!

Have a nice one guys




Hey folks.

I know it has been quite a while since I have uploaded my remix for the Beatstars - PRhyme remix contest and I haven't been very active on my social sites lately.

Well... I have a reason... I have produced an album that I am just a few hours away from uploading it to soundcloud!!

The album is called "Liftoff" and has something to do with my current situation in life, in terms of searching for a new home and space travel... The album will be available for free ;-)

Within the upcoming weeks I will add download links to the releases!

So for now... check out my previous releases and stay tuned for a new journey to begin!