The Kutt Calhoun Remix Contest Entry By JMischer

Hey folks... Happy Holidays!!!! :D

I just want to let you know that I have entered the Kutt Calhoun remix contest on Beatstars!
I am not 100% satisfied with the mix but... it is a busy time and the voting starts soon! (Dec 27th)

I have used some samples from Samplephonics, Loopmasters and Tcustomz drums, SoundPackFlyer (affiliate links)

Have a listen ;)


Should I use some brass or string staccato hits in the hook sections? Maybe the e-guitar could use a bit more equalization in the mid-range to free up the vocals in the hook sections! I get the feeling that they clash together at some parts :-/

The beat in a whole could be a little bit more saturated in the lower end frequencies. Or maybe it just needs more stereo widening... What it also lacks is clarity, I think.

Oh man... maybe it ain't ready yet xD

What do you think? Would you take something out or put more into it? Any feedback is much appreciated :)

1 comment:

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