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Joschka Mischer

I'm Joschka R. Mahlstedt, alias Joschka Mischer.
Born on the first day of November in 1986 and currently living in a town near Hamburg/Germany.

Early on I was always influenced by my father's love for music and his vast knowledge about the bands from his youth. I sometimes caught him listening to a vinyl record, singing, snapping with his fingers, whistling to the very loud music, bouncin' around... while cooking our dinner.

I began to listen more and more to the charts of the 90's and I found myself very much attracted to pop music, until my older brother introduced me to Punk Rock music. I digged it... and after a few years his taste in music had changed to the direction of Hip Hop and I digged that even more.
The golden era of Hip Hop is still where my heart's at today.

After getting nowhere in life, learning a "real" craft and doing a "real" job, so to speak, I decided to follow my heart and that is truly in love with music. I wanted to be a part of it... somehow...

At some point I wanted to become a rapper but after a few years of writing, trying to record it to "free" beats didn't satisfy me and my friend. Also I wasn't so sure about myself and that rap thingy...

Someday we did get our hands on a piece of software called Fruity Loops... We had some fun with it, but weren't sure how it really worked... after a few setbacks in my life I decided to learn more about music theory and how to use Fruity Loops to create our own beats to rap on and maybe to create something out of this whole audio production thing, like a business... I found myself learning the basics and produced non-stop... from that point on I didn't write any rhymes anymore and was totally hooked to making beats...

It evolved somehow to digging and buying samples, hardware and software with all the money I could afford. I've spent countless hours watching youtube videos, reading articles on audio production sites all over the internet to learn everything about music production and the business side of music. Like founding a music company, licensing beats, sounds and loops to other artists, producers and companies, performance rights organizations and digital distribution.
I wanted to try to execute all what I have learned... but I got stuck at producing and that is what I did the last 14 years... I did got distracted from time to time and I am still not finished learning yet, but that is life I guess.

I want to achieve something with all the gained knowledge about audio production and the beats I have already created (around 1100, Winter 2016) and that is... happiness!
For my family, my friends, for you and me!

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