Hey, Mates. Awesome News!

Yeah... it has been, again, a long time since my last post and I'm sorry for not writing sooner!
Under circumstances I could not find the time and energy to write more often...
Hopefully soon I will have a lot of time on my hand to be more consistent bringing you new content and updates!

A lot has been going on and I want to share some awesome news with you.


I am proud to announce that I appear on the latest album of 

Anno Domini Beats "The Platinum Circle Vol 1"

The Platinum Circle Vol 1

Track 08. JMischer - Pushin' To The Top

Have a listen and tell me what you think down in the comments :)

Shout out to Adrian of Anno Domini Beats who made this opportunity possible and every other producer on the album and in the Platinum Circle group. Let's keep it rollin'!

**Update** Only 2 goals were met :( I guess I have to kick myself into the butt more often!

I am currently working various projects... my to do list looks somewhat like this
  1. Produce 3 beats for the next Platinum Circle album - DONE but I didn't get on it
  2. Make and release a few other tunes - DONE
  3. Finish the summer album for the release next year
  4. Get more beats ready to sell and expand to other beat selling platforms
  5. Produce a 6- track EP I want to release with a label 
  6. Send "Beat Prone Dreams" LP to a distribution service
  7. Launch the resourceful website for music producers I am working on for a whole year now...

Let's see what I can finish before the new year begins :O

Have a good one ;)

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