3 Years Ago...

... I did publish my first EP "Strains Of The Past" on Soundcloud!
For that occation plus celebrating the #420 day I've made something special...
Yes... you've guessed it... I'VE MADE A BEAT :D

Well, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do :)

Have a nice 420 day! 


Album Distribution And New Endeavors

Hey folks :)

How is it hanging?

I've got some great news...

Beat Prone Dreams On AmazonMP3, Spotify And More
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Almost a year after release I did finally manage to get the album distributed...
I've used the music distribution service called RouteNote (affiliate link)

The production of the summer album is currently on hold and I'm thinking of producing it for the summer next year... BUT don't be sad, I will release a new tune in the next couple of weeks and another one a bit later... and who knows, maybe one of the 14 beats I've sent out to 2 labels last month will get picked and released ;)

New Endeavors

I've been creating a lot lately and not only music, but graphic designs for t-shirts, resources and how to- content for other designers... I'm playing around with the thought of starting a side hustle with all the stuff I'm producing nowadays...

Furthermore... I will start working a new "real" job as a gardener soon! I will have less time and energy for my other projects, but I will have more money to spend on my passions and businesses!

Alright, that's it for now :)

Have a good one and see ya in a few


Happy New Year 2017

I wish you all a happy new year and welcome to 2017!

Yesterday right before I went off to a party, I've released this on my Soundcloudprofile

Fireworks picture from Flickr, Fonts from Dafont, Samples from Loopmasters (affiliate link)

Looking back to my releases of 2016

  1. Single: "Your Dream" with Les Brown, released 1/2/2016
  2. Album: "Beat Prones Dreams", 11 tracks, released 3/1/2016
  3. Single: "420", released 4/20/2016
  4. Beat: "Pushin' To The Top", released 7/20/2016, with Anno Domini Beats - The Platinum Circle Vol 1
  5. EP: "A Dream Within", 4 tracks, released 12/26/2016
  6. Single: "Fireworks", released 12/31/2016
  7. I have also made some tunes for the upcoming website of the husband of my cousin
I guess I was more busy than the year before and I've earned my first money through my music!
But I can do more! And I will!!!

Looking ahead to the goals I want to reach in 2017

  1. I am looking forward to watch a documentary about the rap battle szene in Germany, for which I've contributed some tunes :) 
  2. producing an album with summer vibes and without any samples (except for drums :P)
  3. making more beats for licensing
  4. trying to publish some beats or an EP with a label
  5. getting promoted by a known youtube channel
  6. expanding my presence online
  7. getting the resourceful website for producers up for a softlaunch
  8. and the best at last: a friend of mine wants to collab with me on a few projects! 8 or so... :D
I have a feeling that I have to start working on those projects as soon as possible... like right now...


Have a good one